Why Everyone Wants To Know More About Noah Beck’s Age & Height

Most times, some of the biggest starts on social media are movie stars, singers and other famous personalities. But that’s not always the case.

Once in a while, a relatively unknown person suddenly starts their account on one or more social media websites and their account takes off. Overnight, they are famous all over the world and heralded as social media influencers and superstars. One such overnight sensation is the famous TikToker Noah Beck. Not surprisingly, everybody wants to know more about this person. People who have just heard about him want to know more about Noah Beck’s age and his fans want to know more about Noah Beck’s height.

Noah Beck before he became a TikTok star

Born in May 4, 2001, Noah Beck’s turned 20 this year. He was born and raised in Arizona, USA but has now moved to Los Angeles, California.

Before TikTok, Noah Beck was a talented soccer player. He played right though junior and senior years where he was spotted and given a full ride scholarship by the University of Portland in Oregon. He enjoyed playing with his teammates and was looking forward to a long career as a soccer player but those dreams got sidelined when the pandemic struck in 2019 and all team activities got put on hold. During the time spent indoors, while looking for ways to pass his time, Noah Beck discovered social media, more specifically – TikTok.

From college athlete to a social media celebrity in one year

TikTok gave him a way to connect with his soccer fans. While exploring the site he got more ideas on how

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